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Leggy Lana Checks Herself Out

She’s so tiny! A very cute shot of Miss Turner and her fantabulous figure. And it can soon be yours . . . This original photograph of Lana Turner is currently up for auction on Ebay. Bidding ends March 25th. Click Here to bid now >>

Lana Turner Candids Up For Auction

The following original photographs catching Lana Turner off-guard are up for auction on Ebay until March 24, 2009. Bid if you please or just stare.
Click Here to bid on the 1st photo of Lana gossiping with Joan Fontaine.
Click Here to bid on the 2nd photo with Lana Turner and Fernando Lamas at the “American In [...]

Lana Turner Glamour Portrait

A young Lana Turner in a unique seasonal publicity portrait for MGM. Stunning. If you’d like to own the original it is currently up for auction until March 15th and with a starting bid of $24.99. So far there are no bids. Click Here to bid now >>

Lana Turner At The Movies . . .

A few movie photos of Lana Turner. . .

Lana Turner Photo of the Day

OFF GUARD… Lana Turner between scenes on the set of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s “The Three Musketeer’s,” in which she portrays the wicked Lady De Winter. Others in the cast are Grace Kelly, June Allyson, Van Heflin, Angela Lansbury, Frank Morgan, Vincent Price, Keenan Wynn, John Sutton, Gig Young and Robert Coote. George Sidney directed. Pandro S. Bergman [...]

More of Lana Turner And That Candid Camera

A few more lovely candid shots of Lana Turner and then some. As usual,these original photos are all up for auction:
Click Here to bid on the photo of Lana Turner having lunch with navy boys at MGM.
Click Here to bid on the photo of Lana Turner and her family on the boat.
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Lana Turner On The Set

A few shots of Lana Turner on the set of her films with furry friends and famous famous. All of the vintage photos above are up on EBAY until January 2, 2009:
Click Here to bid on the photo of Lana Turner with her poodle.
Click Here to bid on the photo of Lana Turner throwing [...]

Candids of Lana Turner and Tarzan The Tenth

Lex Barker: The 10th official ape man who inherited the role of Tarzan from Johnny Weissmuller, and made five Tarzan movies. He was also Lana Turner’s fifth husband after their wedding on September 8, 1953.
According to Lana’s daughter Cheryl Crane, Lana ordered Barker out of their home one night at gunpoint after Cheryl, who [...]

Your Lana For The Day

Click Here to bid on the original still above ft Lana Turner and John Shelton in “We Who Are Young.”

Lots More Lana Coming December 13th

SAVE THE DATE: Dec-13-08 10:00:00 PST
Profiles In History is having a LIVE Auction in conjunction with Ebay and 65 photos of Miss Lana Turner in films like Anchors Aweigh and Ziegfeld Girl will be up for grabs. A pity they only post four samples in the meantime. . .Click Here For More Info >>