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Mervyn LeRoy Prayed for Lana Turner

On September 1, 1942 motion picture director Mervyn LeRoy took over Walter Winchell’s column during his absence and decided to let readers in on the skinny of discovering stars - and legends like Lana Turner. He wrote:
About the only concrete thing I can say about star discovering is that there is no rule-of-thumb standard for [...]

Lana Turner Candids Up For Auction

The following original photographs catching Lana Turner off-guard are up for auction on Ebay until March 24, 2009. Bid if you please or just stare.
Click Here to bid on the 1st photo of Lana gossiping with Joan Fontaine.
Click Here to bid on the 2nd photo with Lana Turner and Fernando Lamas at the “American In [...]